Restaurante Malacatin - Cocina Típica Madrileña Tradition



Small, lively and anxious to succeed, Julián Díaz arrives in Madrid in 1893, from Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca) to stay with some acquaintances who run a small drinks business, to work as a delivery boy.

In 1895, after two years, he considers himself ready to be independent and starts a shop in a cul-de-sac in Ruda street number 5, where there is no water or gas light. Oil lamps illuminate the small wine shop which opens its doors at six in the morning, its "customers" being, bakers, drapers, bricklayers... who drink small glasses of herbs and lemon liquor, and the "soft" one.María

Already married to Maria, the woman who gave him 12 children, only two were male, he continues his small business with success which was already known to "the girls", women who, due to the number, live and run it there.



A poor man, whose only obsession was his guitar, used to visit the place almost every day. He was known as Malacatín and the staff and the owner of the premises liked him a lot.

The beggar only had in his repertoire one simple melody:

"Tin, tin, tin, Malacatín tin,tin,tin" but with which he managed to get his little glasses of wine from Mr Julián who then went to be known as Julián of Malacatin.





The years passed, until Mr Julián transferred the business to his youngest daughter, Florita, who after been married to Isidro, decided to give their business a commercial name; and what better name than the one of that beggar and his familiar history: Malacatín.


It is the nineteen fifties and this couple from Madrid and León decide to improve their business, adding to the wines and glasses of liquor, fried food and later cooked food.




José Alberto
With this cooking they took chickpea stew to its highest level, with which now his daughter Conchi and grandson José Alberto triumph after 120 years since the tavern of Mr Julián was established, always treating their customers with familiarity and pleasantness in the same way as the beggar Malacatín was treated.

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